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Weather sensors could float forever in the stratosphere using sunlight

A tool that makes use of variations in temperature to levitate might hold small sensors floating indefinitely within the stratosphere, resembling for monitoring the climate


20 October 2022

G5YCKR International Space Station Earth observation image captured by Expedition 48 crew members showing the sun reflecting off the ocean and the thin layer of atmosphere protecting the Earth from space.

Daylight might hold sensors floating within the sky

NASA Picture/Alamy

Small sensors powered solely by daylight might float within the stratosphere indefinitely and make weather-related measurements.

There’s a recognized impact for levitating flat objects with two sides known as photophoresis. This happens when one of many sides absorbs numerous mild and the opposite little or no, making a distinction in temperature. Similar to how temperature variations within the environment trigger winds, this temperature gradient makes molecules transfer in such a method as to create a lifting drive on the item.

Benjamin Schafer

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