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Superheated steam dishwasher could kill bacteria in just 25 seconds

Laptop simulations of a simplified dishwasher that makes use of sizzling, dry steam and no detergent discovered that it might kill all heat-resistant micro organism on a plate in beneath half a minute – but it surely won’t really clear your dishes


30 August 2022

Close up of a model's hands washing dishes in steaming hot water with dark blue rubber gloves with anit-drip cuffs

Superhot steam might kill micro organism with out cleaning soap


A superheated steam dishwasher might kill heat-resistant micro organism on a plate in lower than 30 seconds, pc simulations counsel.

Natalie Germann at TU Dortmund College in Germany and Laila Abu-Farah on the Technical College of Munich in Germany modelled a simplified dishwasher that used highly regarded steam to wash, slightly than sizzling water and cleaning soap.

When steam reaches a excessive sufficient temperature, it turns into “superheated”, which means all of the water droplets evaporate so it’s purely gaseous and dry. On this type, it will probably switch extra warmth when it hits a floor than typical steam.

The researchers simulated a easy system that would use superheated steam to wash dishes on a pc. It consisted of a nozzle taking pictures out superheated steam right into a field containing a single plate with heat-resistant micro organism on it. The micro organism was modelled on Geobacillus stearothermophilus, which might trigger meals to spoil and might survive in temperatures above people who regular dishwashers attain.

After 2 seconds of the simulation, about 50 per cent of the micro organism had been useless. After 25 seconds their focus on the plate fell to zero.

Germann says that in a machine with extra nozzles and extra dishes this might most likely take longer than half a minute, however she expects it will nonetheless be shorter than in typical dishwasher the place the common cycle lasts 1.5 hours.

Abigail Snyder at Cornell College in New York says that superheated steam is already used as a sanitiser in business meals processing crops as a result of it’s an efficient different to utilizing detergents that may generally be dangerous. Nevertheless, she says that superheated steam can’t be the one washing methodology as a result of it wouldn’t take away bits of meals which are caught to dishes.

Superheated steam dishwashers could possibly be an choice for sterilising medical devices, says Rainer Stamminger on the College of Bonn in Germany. Nevertheless, the very excessive temperatures could show difficult to be used in properties and trigger harm to some dishes, he says.

Germann and her colleagues are planning to subsequent simulate extra complicated variations of their dishwasher by including extra nozzles and extra dishes.

Journal reference: Physics of Fluids, DOI: 10.1063/5.0090418

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