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IBM unveils world’s largest quantum computer at 433 qubits

IBM’s new quantum laptop, Osprey, is greater than triple the scale of its earlier record-breaking Eagle processor


9 November 2022

IBM's Osprey quantum computer

IBM’s Osprey quantum laptop


IBM has constructed the most important quantum laptop but. Dubbed Osprey, it has 433 qubits, or quantum bits, which is greater than triple the scale of the corporate’s beforehand record-breaking 127-qubit laptop and greater than eight instances bigger than Google’s 53-qubit laptop Sycamore.

Although quantum computer systems maintain the promise of ultimately fixing issues that standard computer systems might by no means deal with, there isn’t a consensus on one of the best ways to make one. IBM and Google base their qubits on circuits created from superconductors that conduct electrical energy completely. Others …

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