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Escape review: An account of the internet’s intimate early days

Escape, a considerate e book by Marie Le Conte, recollects a time when individuals tended to organise themselves into small communities round blogs and different on-line hangouts. Ought to we return?


7 September 2022

DDEW4X Diana Schiepp demonstrates the world-wide data communication on an IBM Web Server 400 at the Internet Fair in Berlin on the 29th of May in 1997.

The web’s early days: an IBM Internet Server 400 on the Web Truthful in Berlin on 29 Might 1997

dpa image alliance/Alamy


Marie Le Conte (Blink Publishing)

I CAN’T bear in mind the precise second I first used the web, however as it could have been the late 90s, I’d have referred to as it the Web with a capital “I”. I surfed the knowledge superhighway, merrily mixing metaphors as I explored this unusual realm. I even had a printed e book suggesting cool web sites to take a look at, like The Actually Huge Button That Doesn’t Do Something. …

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