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Despite decades of hype, there is now real hope of progress in fusion

It might have a historical past of over-optimistic predictions, however analysis into producing energy utilizing a fusion reactor is lastly making notable advances


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19 October 2022 JET tokamak


WHERE is the most well liked recognized spot within the photo voltaic system? The shocking reply is that it’s within the village of Culham in Oxfordshire, UK, beside the river Thames. That is the house of the Joint European Torus (JET), a record-breaking fusion facility. When powered up, plasma rushes across the reactor’s core at 150 million °C, hotter than the centre of the solar.

JET is a poster little one for the backers of fusion energy, the know-how that has, for many years, been touted as an answer to our power and local weather woes. The method yields huge quantities of power, however no …

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