Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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AI is better at answering questions if you get another AI to ask them

Getting good solutions from a man-made intelligence generally is a tough activity, and now researchers have discovered that an AI is healthier at asking questions of one other AI than individuals are


10 November 2022

Programming code

How AIs arrive at their selections may be one thing of a thriller

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A synthetic intelligence mannequin that makes recommendations to a different AI can get it to provide outcomes which can be nearly as good as if the prompts got here from people. The approach may very well be used to enhance the efficiency of AIs whose inner workings stay opaque.

Massive language fashions (LLMs) are neural networks which can be educated on huge information units of on-line textual content and might produce convincing language. You give the mannequin an enter, known as a immediate, and it provides you …

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