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AI-designed invisibility cloak could hide small communication devies

Synthetic intelligence has helped design an invisibility cloak. The cloak might disguise communication gadgets from detectors that use microwaves or infrared mild


10 November 2022

Invisibility cloak

Invisibility cloaks work by manipulating mild

Xinhua / Alamy Inventory Photograph

An AI-designed invisibility cloak ought to be capable to disguise objects from infrared mild or microwaves and be comprised of available supplies. The machine, which is at present being constructed, might finally be used to cover antennas and related communication gadgets from detectors.

Twenty years in the past, the invention of metamaterials took invisibility cloaks from fiction to laboratories. We see objects as a result of mild bounces off them and into our eyes. Metamaterial cloaks disguise objects by manipulating that mild to make it look like coming from …

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